19/12/2015: live at Z88 Kreuzlingen
Doors.19:00 / 15.-
the ithaka chronicles & subtle crocodile

01/12/2013: it's been a year now, and many things have happened in the ithaka chronicles. we signed a contract with independent label muskat media records. the mastering of our third album has just arrived from L.A., where jj golden from goldenmastering, who also mastered tomahawk's 'mit gas', has done a great job on our album. the artwork is ready and we are waiting for the album to be released. further on, we are hooked up to germany's distribution channel phononet, which means that we are available throughout germany and worldwide on all major download platforms. that's for now. we'll keep you posted, when the first reviews are available.

07/12/2012: when you hear THE ITHAKA CHRONICLES for the first time, you would not guess that this is actually a trio. the sound, somehwere between alternative rock, punk, experimental, with influences from the electro, is so diverse und voluminous that you won't believe your eye and have no doubts that guitars are not missed.

braeuer: vocals.keys.
besetzung: rechsteiner.bass.fx.

06/12/2012: Well. Guess what. Yes! New website. If this shan't help finally taking over the "weltherrschaft", we are really clueless. Enjoy the little bugs and bits which are still somehwere in the infinite lines of code to be found.

the management